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The thesis contributes an original combination of the economic theories of price mechanisms, with the concept of natural monopolies. The number and scope of exchange programmes or international internships for students — such as the Erasmus or the new Erasmus Mundus I and II programmes — have increased dramatically.

This is the fourth generation of MEI students that was given the opportunity to attend this very interesting and outstanding seminar, which represents one of many different forms of successful cooperation established between Serbian European Integration Office and the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, Master in European Integration.

Irina Tanasescu Education form: His research contributes to important normative questions regarding the role of non-majoritarian institutions in European integration.

The analysis is based on large-N quantitative methods, and applies sophisticated multi-level modelling techniques, which are very appropriate for the given data structure and research question. Additionally, students opt for four courses among twenty-one offered courses.

Throughout the course, we draw on the contents of two particular policies: Bert Bomert I have a strong research interest in the various aspects and dimensions of violent conflict, ranging from the causes of conflict, conflict prevention, conflict dynamics to conflict management and peace building and post-conflict reconstruction of societies.

The first essay is concerned with monetary integration in Europe. Doris Hildebrand Education form: I acknowledge that border politics always involve a contested and contextual quest for the just balance between the freedom we allow for others and the doubt and uncertainty we allow for ourselves.

Irina Tanasescu Education form: Through their experiences abroad, the young students gathered not only language skills, but also shifted their perspectives and interests.

As an economic geographer Gert-Jan Hospers is fascinated by urban and regional development in Europe. The course in other words introduces the students into the interactions between the various interest groups and the EU institutions in the process of formulating EU policies.

This new primary research is well structured, eloquently written, and casts light on what would have been a more opaque political process between the Commission and the Court without this thesis.

Master in European Integration and Development

The late colonial archive and s decolonization literature ie, Sartre, Fanon, Memmi, de Beauvoir Camus currently form the textual backdrop for this work-in-progress.

The course focuses in detail on the role and evolution that macro- and microeconomic structures and theories have played in providing the EU with its past and current market architecture.

This additional course included also contemporary events in international security in order to gain a richer understanding of the power relations and political interests involved in the development, implementation and enforcement of EU law and processes.

Students are invited to submit their Master Theses dealing with economic, legal, social and political aspects of the European endeavour. Henk van Houtum Research interests: The thesis is well structured, eloquently written, and gives evidence of a transparent and self-critical attitude.

I focus thereby on the critical scrutinisation of the symbolic and performative communication and representation of borders and identities at various spatial scales, notably on the European, national and urban level.

Master in European Integration and Development Economic Integration profile The purpose of this one year Master program is to offer students an education of the highest academic standards on the European unification process.

The Center for European Studies at Epoka University announces the award for undergraduate and graduate thesis that research Europe and European integration from an interdisciplinary perspective. CES Award for Best Thesis in European Studies is granted for the first time to a thesis written by a.

Master in European Integration and Development Economic Integration profile The purpose of this one year Master program is to offer students an education of the highest academic standards on the European unification process.

Essays in European integration and economic inequalities

EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies European Political and Governance Studies European Economic Studies European Legal Studies European Economic Integration and Business (EEIB) EU International. impact on Muslim integration into Europe.

Using the FIOE as a case study, this thesis determines that while there is a role for political Islam in the European Union on both. Aug 09,  · 1. Introduction. This guide is designed to give suggestions and insights about possible topics related to the study of the European Union (EU).

In general, the study of the EU can be separated in several areas – history, theory, economic integration, enlargement, law, policies, institutional framework and foreign relations. News. Thesis prizes. Contact; NL; EN; 30 January Thesis prizes. for her master thesis Young Academic Mariolina Eliantonio attempts to explore the role of national and European courts in the process of European integration.

Ultimately, she aims to examine how the actions of the European and national administrative authorities can.

MASTER IN EUROPEAN INTEGRATION Master thesis european integration news
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