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D, Irshat Madyarov, Ph. The data was collected through questionnaires and semi-structured interviews, which served as the basis of the study. Results obtained from the data analysis indicated that blogging had positive effect on the production of idioms.

The sample consisted of both male and female participants their age ranging from It was also observed that with increasing proficiency, the likelihood of L1 negative transfer decreases. Furthermore, this study aimed to make comparisons between traditional and task-based tests, by pointing a number of negative criticisms of standardized tests and exams.

After each video activity they were given questionnaires, and after each two videos they were given a short test. The data collected from the pre and post tests and the writing assignments were analyzed using the Mann-Whitney and Wilcoxon tests, in order to see the difference between the percentages of errors made by the students of two groups, as well as the difference between the percentages of errors made in the pretests sand posttests.

Twenty five non-native English-speaking EEC students participated in the study. In this study 22 EFL students were selected as a convenient sample. Consequently, two types of data were obtained from these instruments: Blog use may offer a helpful tool for teaching foreign language writing.

The effectiveness of the treatment was investigated through a quasi-experimental design. Their English language proficiency level was pre- intermediate.

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Thus, two types of data were obtained: Afterwards, all the characteristics of the task-based testing are clearly mentioned and thoroughly described in this paper. The experiment was conducted within one group 10 participants. The subjects were twenty students, drawn from their second, third and fourth year of study and were exposed to different non-traditional writing procedures as recommended by the literature on dialogue journal writing.

Accordingly, this experimental study revealed the effect of a 7-week instructional treatment on speaking skill, in which speaking was addressed to be developed in terms of the integration of digital storytelling.

Finally, recommendations regarding future research in this area in Armenia have been highlighted. Abstract The purpose of the present study was to investigate what effect formative assessment can have on the achievement of the students learning English in an Armenian setting.

Lilit Khachatryan Thesis Committee: Besides this, I used two questionnaires, one in the beginning and one in the end of the course as another source of collecting information on the same phenomena.

The purpose of this research study, therefore, was threefold: The data were collected through a self assessment checklist and pre-and post interviews Oral Proficiency Type Interview.

MA-ELT thesis, Institute for English Language Education,

However, as the alternative types of speaking activities implemented in the control group also helped the students to improve their speaking it can be inferred that both methods used in this study were equally and largely effective.

However, the major limitation of the study should be taken into account. In the academic context notes are basically taken during academic lectures and readings. The results of the data analysis showed that there are statistically significant differences in the usefulness of authentic materials as compared to instructional materials in terms of vocabulary acquisition in favor of authentic materials.

Education is called to develop thinkers. The instruments used were1 pre and post instruction tests, 2 pre and post attitudinal questionnaires for students, 3 self-assessment checklists, 4 questionnaire on portfolio assessment-and 5 semi-structured interview with students on portfolio assessment.

However, both groups indicated a significant improvement in the language proficiency from the pretest to the posttest in favor of posttest. The data were collected using 5 point Likert-scale for questionnaires and 4 point Likert scale for class observations.

For the analysis of the qualitative data collected through the interview, a content analysis was applied that integrated identifying the key topics and categories in the data. The data collected through the questionnaire was analyzed both quantitavily and qualitatively.

The findings demonstrated that in Armenian foreign language situations, affective variables motivation and attitude play an important role and affect L2 learning achievement.

This study used a quantitative design as the main research methodology, and also employed a supplementary follow-up qualitative interview. The analysis showed that the four most common errors were in article use, word order, subject-verb agreement, and purpose infinitive.

One of the newest members of e-learning tools is Voki which may have the potential to change the dynamics of the classroom making it more learner-centered.

The classes were held twice a week and the study was conducted over a period of ten weeks overall 20 hours per group. English Language Teaching thesis writing service to write a graduate English Language Teaching dissertation for an MBA thesis defense. Thesis Committee: Irshat Madyarov, Ph.D., Alexan Simonyan, Ph.D., Rubina Gasparyan, M.A.

Abstract The purpose of the present study was to investigate what effect formative assessment can have on the achievement of the students learning English in an Armenian setting.

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Elt thesis
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