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Impacts This research identified durum lines having weak, strong and very strong gluten. When evaluating cooking quality of short goods and pasta that contained nontraditional ingredients, it was determined that probes that compressed the cooked pasta tended to be better at determining cooked firmness than did probes that sheared the pasta.

Statistical analysis showed that the effect of the QTL for GPC located on 2AS was stable over different genetic backgrounds and different environmental conditions.

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Two semolinas that had strong gluten properties based on gluten index and mixograms differed in their extrusion properties. North Dakota Wheat Commission, pp. Jordahl Mapping grain protein content from Triticum dicoccoides.

Genetic variation in tolerance to the osmotic stress componentof salinity stress in durum wheat

Determine the suitability of new technology for assessing the quality of durum wheat for pasta production. Glutograph has potential in determining dough strength and pasta texture 4. In addition, research was conducted to determine the effect of whole-wheat flour and flaxseed flour on the flow and hydration properties of semolina during pasta processing.

Project Methods Durum wheat varieties will be evaluated for their susceptibility to bleaching. Glutograph will be useful in durum wheat breeding programs involved in improving gluten properties. Impacts Kernel vitreousness is an important quality trait of durum wheat.

Boca Raton, FL, p. Handouts were provided to the audience. Effect of preharvest applied herbicides on breadmaking quality of hard red spring wheat.

US Wheat Associates, pp. Metsulfuron plus 2,4-D had little or no effect on durum wheat quality. Durum wheat breeding at North Dakota State University. These cultivars lacked the gluten strength and yellow pigment content that the industry desires and in their acres dropped to Impacts This research indicates that herbicides applied as a harvest aid can affect rheological properties of durum and hard red spring wheat, particularly when applied prior to hard dough stage of kernel development.

Breeding programs often require tests with high throughput and small sample size. This study shows the potential for new genetic gains in salt tolerance in durum wheat. Dough mixing time during bread making was 0. Research determined that the glutograph has potential for use in assessing cooked pasta texture.

Spikes were collected from durum grown in field plots established near Prosper, ND. None of the herbicide treatments affected kernel protein content. This information is used by durum producers when they select cultivars for planting. NC Grain Quality Newsletter. Semolina and hydration level during extrusion affect quality of fresh pasta containing flaxseed flour.

Processing and cooking quality of wholewheat spaghetti. During the greenhouse season, crosses were made. Durum wheat breeding and production in North Dakota.

Results also indicate that sprouted wheat that is mechanically abraded would be suitable for production of yellow alkaline noodles. Grain was used to determine yellow pigment content, lipoxygenase acitivity, polyphenol oxidase activity, and malondialdehyde content.

Effect of hydration and dough strength on pasta extrusion. Experiments were conducted to determine the effects of herbicides applied prior to harvest on durum wheat quality.

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Ph.D. Thesis Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) determination of grain quality traits in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var.

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durum) Durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var durum) is mainly produced and consumed in the Mediterranean region; it is used to produce several specific. DURUM WHEAT ON A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE - THE NECESSITY OF WINTER DURUM WHEAT PRODUCTION The worldwide durum wheat production can be roughly divided into three growing systems: using the predominant spring type with an autumn sowing, the spring type combined with a spring sowing, and the winter type used exclusively with an autumn sowing.

ii Impacts of Climate Change on Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum L var durum) Production: Analysis of Future Adaptation Measures in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia A Thesis Submitted to the School of Natural Resources Management and. of this thesis in any manner, in whole or in part, for scholarly purposes may be granted by the professor or professors who supervised this thesis work or, in their absence, by concentration in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L.


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durum). Theor Appl Genet Non Technical Summary Growing environment can affect the quality of durum wheat and subsequent end-use products.

New tests are needed to evaluate the quality of durum wheat for pasta. The effect of growing environment during grain maturation on the quality of durum wheat and pasta will be studied.

Durum wheat prices and the Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGE) hard red spring wheat futures are highly correlated; thus, each year’s regional durum price is compared with the MGE hard red spring wheat futures prices to compute an annual ratio.

Durum wheat thesis
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